About us

About us

Junta Agua Latinoamérica (JALA) was established in 2016, enrolling in the Register of Associations as a non profit. It brings together professionals from different water-related degrees.


Water is the foundation of life: a turning point for humanity and for other living beings resource. All we need, not just to drink. Our rivers and lakes, our coastal, marine and ground waters are valuable resources that must be protected.

Society uses water to generate and sustain economic growth and prosperity, through activities such as agriculture, commercial fishing, energy production, industry, transport and tourism. Water is an important factor when deciding where to set up and how to use the land element.

It can also be a source of geopolitical conflicts, particularly when short supply. Our own welfare requires not only clean drinking water but also clean water for hygiene and sanitation. Water is also used in recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of coasts, rivers and lakes.

Water pollution and scarcity pose threats to human health and quality of life, but its ecological impact is more general. The free flow of clean water is key to sustaining the ecosystems that depend on water. The shortage of good quality water harms aquatic, wet and terrestrial environment, subjecting even greater pressure to flora and fauna, already suffering the effects of urbanization and climate change.

Although humanity has long been known dependence of water, Water Board Latin America we are now giving us increasingly aware that their offer is not unlimited, and we have to value it accordingly. You have to manage and protect water, which is not merely a consumer product, but a precious natural resource so essential for future generations as well as ours. Without water, there can be no life.